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Email And Chat Support

Email And Chat Support Virtual Assistant

Outsourcing has never been that easier as type of services we provide to our international clients. With the support of our customer service virtual assistant, you can count on virtual assistant company like us. Focus on your line of expertise and let femtosoft do the following for you:

Phone Support

  • 3rd party customer service
  • Find domestic services
  • Travel / Transportation
  • Scheduling / Appointment Setting
  • Answer phone calls
  • Schedule future tasks & Reminders
  • Restaurant Reservations
  • Messenger / Time Services
  • Lead Generation via phone
  • General purchases
  • International calling
  • Answer customer inquiries
  • Fulfill the demands of your clients

Email & Chat Support

  • Reply to all the emails sent to your company
  • Online instant messaging services
  • Live chat with a customer service representative

We can help you to reduce your cost by 60% instantly. If you have questions in regard to our services or how we can help you to make your business environment a better place to work and grow, please feel free to call us or you can fill-in the quotation form and we will make sure to answer at the earliest.